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JamesMcdowell lic*************** August 20 2020
very well explain niw i can use the extension easily

Hi James, thanks so much for appreciating this article on

2020-08-24 02:52:24
Hyacinth Freeman hfr************* May 27 2020
I am not on Facebook and have no desire to. Please take me to where I place an order.

You can place your order online at : )

2020-06-01 03:35:23
Elaine C DeFreitas ecd************ February 18 2020
Excellent instructions. I'll be using them and will probably have a question or two. BTW where to get a mannequin & cloth head? Thanks.

Thank you, you can get a simple wig stand instead of a mannequin here:  And, you can find many kinds of cloth head at Amazon.

2020-02-18 04:41:35

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