Betty maz**************** April 17 2019
can you show a wig for colors 2 and 3. its hard for me to tell the difference between dark brown and medium dark brown and i think if i see it on a full wig, i can see the difference better.

Normally color #2 will be darker than color #3, and here are the pictures for checking. And there will be also a bit different because of the flash light, pls understand.

2019-04-24 20:32:58
Amelia ame*************** March 30 2019
Why does it say you can't bleach #1 knots? Do you bleach the knots of other hair colors before shipping or do I bleach when I get it?

Normally we will provide bleaching the knots on full cap for natural black hairs. For color #1-jet black, is not available for bleaching knots, because this color is too dark and finished by several mixed color which we modulated. If bleached the knots on this color, it maybe damage the lace. 

2019-04-09 04:43:38
Max Rik*************** March 12 2019
Hello, I am interested in hair colors 130 and 135. By any chance can you please send me a picture of someone wearing those colors to help me determine what hair color to buy. Thank you! :)

Pls check the colors as below. The first one is color #130 and it looks a bit lighter than under the sunlight because of the flashlight. The second is color #135, it's darker and more reddish than color #130.

2019-03-22 06:05:22
Mary fra*********** February 22 2019
Can you please take seperate puctures of colours 22, 24, 60,18, 16 and 12? Thanks in advance

Sorry for the late reply. Here they are one by one.

2019-03-14 22:08:01
Annie fix********** February 16 2019
Hello, your color swatch does not seem to match the names...for example, #14 light ash brown - it looks nothing like an ashy color but a more of a golden etc. Do you have an updated color chart?

This is our updated color chart, and thank you so much for your suggestion, we will update the color name soon, we just updated our color chart, but haven't change the matching names yet, will update soon. Thanks again.

2019-02-18 01:45:51
Val val************* February 14 2019
What’s natural black compared to #1?

Natural black looks similar to #1B off black, and #1 is jet black.

2019-02-18 01:24:44
Kerrie Brooks mrs********* January 15 2019
Hi I want to purchase the ces209 and have a customised darker root. I know this is possible in the options, but just wondering what colour to have for the root. I already have the LFXL005 and the root colour of this is perfect, so can u tell me what colour is used for the dark root on lfxl005. Thanks

Thanks for your love : ) And the dark root color of LFXL005 is color #3.

2019-01-15 21:26:08
Christel c.p************** December 30 2018
I´m looking for a wig with a dark ash blonde or light brown color. It should not look red. Which color should I choose?

How about color #18. But, if possible, it's better to take a look at our color chart to find your favorite one.

2019-01-08 03:36:14
Kay lad************ December 05 2018
What is the color difference between #6 and #8? Would you please show closer up pictures of them? I'm looking for more of a medium light brown than a red, but I think #3 is too dark and #4 is too reddish. Thanks!

They look similar indoor, but #6 is chestnut brown looks a little redder than #8 in sunlight, so it might be better to choose #8.

2018-12-06 01:11:27

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