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Melissa lis**************** September 08 2020
Hi. I’ve been wondering, will all the full lace wigs be restocked?
elyssa lopez ely*************** September 12 2018
Hi I have a couple questions, I wanted to get the GODDESS BODY WAVY CUSTOM FULL LACE HUMAN HAIR WIG WITH BABY HAIR, or the STOCKED CUSTOM LENGTH AND DENSITY PRE-PLUCKED HAIRLINE STRAIGHT FULL LACE HUMAN HAIR WIG. I'm looking into getting them sewn in and will it work for these wigs? Will I be able to straighten and curl these? If i want my hair length to be 22" what should be my density? What kind of cap, lace color and cap size should i get? My roots right now are a light brown and my head is an average size (if that helps answer the questions). Also, will I need a cap if i'm getting it sewn in? Thank you!! (sent again because i think i entered in the wrong email the first time)

Hi, our human hair wigs can be straighten or curled later. And for the hair density, more fuller more higher, you can check on the site or wig pictures we shown. About lace color, cap constructions and cap size, i think you can have a look about our blogs on these details for help. 




Any other questions, you can email us later.([email protected])

2018-09-20 00:05:30

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