1. Are you selling wigs at Aliexpress.com?

No no no no!!! We never sell wigs at Aliexpress.com, any wigs labeled evawigs or eva wig or evawig selling at aliexpress are NOTHING related to evawigs.com, and we never buy from aliexpress, some aliexpress sellers claimed that they're our suppliers, that totally makes no sense.

2. How to tell whether I bought a real EvaWigs?

The copiers can copy everything from us except the website address, so please do take attention that we only sell at www.evawigs.com, not any other websites.

3. How often should I wash my wig?

Wash at least once a week or a few times wearing with warm water. Wash more often in Summer. 
Keep your wig clean can help your wig last longer.

4. How long can your wigs last?

6 months to a year with proper care and store.
Wig hair is real human hair, just like your own hair, bleaching, dying, heating, perming your hair will affect the times you use.

Read the Top 7 Common Mistakes that Wig Beginners Would Make to help to make your wig last longer.

5. What hair products do you recommend to wash and care for your wig?

Just use the products you like and with less chemical composition. Buy the shampoo and conditioner with the price you think it's acceptable and you feel like it's okay about the smell.

More information about washing and caring your wig, please read here: https://www.evawigs.com/blog/how-to-wash-a-wig.html

6. How to avoid tangling?

First of all, keep your wig hair clean! Wash at least once a week with warm water.
Second, always use a hair conditioner when washing your wig

7. Can I get a wig exactly like the product picture or like the YouTube or Instagram girl wearing from your company?

As we're offering different hair length, density, color, and some even different hair texture options for each hairstyle, so the finished wig may feel like a little different as the product pictures show, but they must have the same haircut or hair curls.

For bob wigs, we style on a head mannequin, you might need to alter a little after putting on your own head because of different head sizes.

For wavy wigs, the waves need to maintain after washing.

And, we cannot make a wig in a shorter length and thinner density looks exactly the same as a long and thick wig, even with the same hairstyle. Hope you can understand.

8. Can I customize my hair color?

Of course, you can.

And please kindly understand that the colors will look different when in different light shades. We cannot customize colors exactly like the pictures you provided.

9. Can I bleach the knots by myself?

We don't recommend you to bleach the knots by yourself. An incorrect way to bleach the knots will fragile your hair and cause terrible hair loss. An alternative way to bleach the knots is by applying some foundation to the inside lace part, tutorial video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mzM0WW3fgwM.

10. Can I dye the black hair wig to another hair color by myself?

As we all know, natural black and #613 hair colors are recommended to our customers who want to dye the hair by themselves. 

But, if you want to dye natural black to another bright color, you need to first bleach the hair to remove the melanin, an incorrect way to bleaching your hair will cause hair damage, especially the natural black Remy hair, so we highly recommend you to go to a local hair salon for help.

And if you do want to dye your favorite color by yourself, we highly recommend you to order your wig with color #613-platinum blonde, which is the brightest color and can dye to any other colors.

11. What are the processes of making a full lace wig?

1. Make a Swiss lace wig cap according to the size you asked.
2. Prepare the hair with the length you requested.
3. Bleach or dye the hair to the color you ordered.
4. Hand ties the hair to the wig.
5. Style the wig to the finished look.

12. What is the difference between the normal lace (Korean Lace) and the HD lace (Swiss Lace)? And what's the difference between the transparent lace and the HD lace?

The key point we wearing a wig is to make it look as natural as possible. The HD lace is a kind of lace that looks more delicate and transparent and looks more invisible when wearing it. We use top Swiss lace as HD lace.

Customize your HD lace human hair wig here: https://www.evawigs.com/63-custom-virgin-human-hair-full-lace-wigs by clicking the "Lace Material" option to choose "HD lace".

Transparent lace is the lace with transparent color, please check all the lace colors here: https://www.evawigs.com/blog/explanations-of-custom-options.html#lace-color

You can choose a transparent lace color when to customize your wig by clicking the "Lace Color" option to choose "Transparent". Transparent lace we usually recommend for light skin tone girls, but in fact, it can melt to any skin tone after glue down. 

Can you easily find the lace in the left picture? 

HD lace, as we mentioned above, is one kind of lace material with the characters that look more delicate and invisible when wearing, and softer than normal lace.

13. Are your wigs truly pre-plucked?

Yes, all our wigs are truly pre-plucked.

14. Do your wigs come with bleached knots?

Not all of our wigs come with bleached knots. Except for the wigs with a fake scalp cap. You can ask to bleach the knots by leaving us a message when placing your order.

15. Do your wigs come with baby hairs?

Yes, all wigs come with baby hairs. 

16. How many inches does your lace front wigs go up to?

We have lace front wigs with different parting inches, including affordable 3 inches, moderate 4 inches, and deep 6 inches lace parting.

17. Do you price your lace front wigs based on length? And what’s the longest length of your wigs?

Length is the main factor that affects a wig's price, but not the only one. Other factors including hair density, cap construction types and so on.

The longest length we can provide is 30inches.

18. Are the lace wigs 100% human hair?

All the wigs at www.evawigs.com are 100% human hair guaranteed.

19. How many combs are on the lace front wig? Do your lace wigs come with an elastic band?

There're three combs on the lace front wig. And a free elastic band will be included in your wig package.

20. What are your methods of wig securing?

For this question, please kindly read this article: Lace Wig Cap Construction Types, where we list all the cap types we can offer, and different cap types have different securing methods.

In a word, lace cap without combs needs to glue the hairline to secure the wig, glueless caps have 3 combs and an adjustable strap sewed inside to help secure your wigs.

21. Are your wigs big head friendly?

We have three capsize options, petite (21.75" circumference), average (22.25" circumference) and large (22.75" circumference).

If you want an even larger size, we can customize the wig with your custom size.