EvaWigs Loyalty Points Program

1. Where to find your loyalty points?

Log into your account, and find "My Loyalty Points" on the left sidebar.

2. How to collect your loyalty points?

$1 purchase on EvaWigs.com will collect 1 point, and any $100 purchase can be changed to a voucher valued $1.
For example, you have placed a $409 order, then you will collect 409 points, and the points can be changed to a $4.09 voucher.

3. How to use your loyalty points?

Once your order has been placed or under processing, the points status would be "Awaiting validation".

And once your order has been shipped out after getting your confirmation, the points status will be changed to "Available", and a transform points to voucher button will be appeared.

Click the transform button, your points will be converted to a voucher, which can only be used by your own account.
And all the vouchers are valid for a year, and can not be cashed.
While your vouchers have been used, the voucher status will be changed to "Used", or it will appear as "To use".

After your points have been converted to vouchers, you can use the vouchers when placing your order.

Enjoy your shopping on EvaWigs.com!