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Clair cha******************* September 26 2022
Hello I just have a question about your wig caps. Does your #3A cap come without out stretch cap? I'm going to be flying the unit down on a bald head and am not sure if the stretch will cap will disturb the bond.
Cat the***************** September 10 2020
Can you please provide an option for a large cap size for a 16" to 18" ash blonde wig? I can't seem to get through to anyone on here. Thank you.
Dana Laapui dan************ April 06 2020
If I select a fake scalp dose a silk top have a purpose?? I have very very thin hair which my scalp is visible throughout my whole head. I will be wearing my wig everyday and taking it off every night. I do not wear a wig cap and I do not glue anything down or on my head. I do not have enough hair for any clips to clip on too. I do not plan on bleaching, plucking, changing the curl, straighting, or cutting anything (but the lace) on my wig I will be purchasing. So I would like all that to be pre done. I know the wig I want will be pricy so I don't want to take the chance of ruining it due to myself trying to alter it. I Would like a #2 (darkest brown), 24 to 26 inch Remy with not tight and not loose not small but also not giant curls. I want to be able to wear my wig anyway possible meaning up, down, high pony tail, side pony tail, parted down the middle or parted on either right side or left or even 3 parts at one time, and if I want I want to be able to corn roll the top of the wig and have it look completely like my real hair. My skin/scalp color is very light (white) so is it necessary to choose HD lace if I'm fine with transparent lace? Or with ALL I want in what I want my wig to do , do I need to have the HD lace. Please suggest which wig is best. I understand it's going to be expensive and it's going to be custom. I just don't know which options I need to choose to make the wig I want to buy. Please help.

Hi Dana, 

1. If you don't want to bleach knots but still want a natural look, add a silk top. If a silk top is added, it's totally unnecessary to add a fake scalp.

2. If you don't want to wear a wig cap, choose a full lace cap with stretch in the crown and with no combs, full lace caps are more comfortable than lace front caps. And what's more, full lace cap is the most versatile wig cap which allows you to free part your wig.

3. If you don't want to wear with glue and don't need combs to secure, wear a wig grip that will help you to keep the wig in place. And more ways to secure a wig, please read here:

4. Transparent regular lace and HD lace are both okay for you.

5. If you don't want to straighten or curl your wig, treat it like your natural hair, wear your wig to a local hair salon to style your wig.

2020-04-09 05:58:15
Lynnette lrs*************** January 14 2020
I am reading that you have three types if hairlines. I am interested in a wig with a widows peak, which I currently have. My questions are upon ordering, can any wig have a widows peak if requested? If so, do you consider it a custom order? Also, I often see people adjusting baby hair in order to diguise the lace, of course without the widows peak, will same have need to be done with a wig containing a peak? Lastly, are your wigs custom or stock?

1. You can have a widow's peak if you requested.
2. We can alter the natural hairline of an in-stock item to a widow's peak by re-tying the hairline, and please give us 3 days to do that.
3. Baby hair is not necessary for both kinds of hairline if properly melt the lace to the scalp.
4. We offer both stock and custom wigs. We stock basic hair colors and average cap size lace wigs for quick delivery.

2020-01-15 01:46:43
Jacoya jac**************** April 30 2019
For the lace color and silk color would I choice transparent or light brown? I’m white but my skin tone is more beige

You should match the lace color with your scalp color, not your skin tone because when you part the unit, you must want it to appear as your natural scalp color. So to check your scalp color, part your hair and look at the color of your scalp to determine your lace color. And we have four types for selection normally on customized wigs.

You can check the lace color pictures for help.

2019-05-20 22:30:08
Helen fra************* February 02 2019
Can you please sent me seperate photos of colours 12, 16, 22, 24, 60. I want to buy a wig but i am not sure about the colour. Thank you in advance.

I currently have no wig pictures with the colors you mentioned, and the color #60 is pale blonde and the color is close to white. Others are blonde colors.

And please check more color information here:

2019-02-07 04:40:50
Genine B joe************ January 12 2019
Do you have a picture of what a widows peak hair line would look on one of your wigs? I’m interested in HOT SELLER CELEBRITY INSPIRED LONG DEEP WAVE FULL LACE HUMAN HAIR WIG FROM 12" TO 22" AVAILABLE. Also, in your description middle brown hair lace is described as beige but the picture states middle brown and looks brown. Please clarify.
Tiffiny F tif************ December 26 2018
I am very interested in two of the kinkly curly units. SKU: NS16-CO and NS16-k I wanted to know if there is a real difference between the hair? I noticed though they look very very similar; one is titled REMY/VIRGIN HAIR and the other is 100% QUALITY HUMAN HAIR. Aren't they both REMY/VIRGIN and if so why they two different titles? This will be my first unit ever bought. Thank you for taking the time to answer my question. :)

The only difference is the curl pattern, the curls of NS16-K are a bit tighter than NS16-CO.

2018-12-28 21:18:00
Vida wor************** December 19 2018
What is the difference between Indian remy and Brazilian virgin hair

Virgin human hair means the hair has not been chemically altered in any way. This includes dyes, perms, bleaching, and other popular processes. Then virgin hair will be expensive than Indian remy hair.

2018-12-19 21:32:11
Michelle A Dugan mic******************** December 14 2018
Very first wig,I have 2 from 'trendywigs",I'm TRYING to learn how to apply them,ALTHOUGH they are both synthetic. BUT can use minamal heat,didn't want to spend too much, not sure IF I'm even going to like them(on me anyway) I have NEVER had long thick hair and want to change up my hair, I'm just new AND NEED GOOD TUTORIALS. THANK YOU!I'm going to give it a shot. NERVOUS

Hi, would you mind to inform me which kind of tutorials you'd like to watch?

2018-12-17 05:09:59
Meana moo**************** November 26 2018
I see that some of your wigs list the hair as: Brazilian virgin hair, Indian Remy hair, and virgin hair. What is the non specified "virgin hair"? What other hair do you use other than Brazillian and Indian and can you tell me the hair used for the Rihanna was wig? Thanks

These types are most used ones, we also can provide Malaysian and Chinese virgin hair, please choose Brazilian virgin hair and leave us a message when placing your order if you want to change to these type of hair.

You can choose Remy Hair (Indian Remy Hair) or Virgin Hair (Brazilian Virgin Hair) for Rihanna wig. : )

2018-11-26 22:24:23
Rachel M rac**************** November 23 2018
Do you have a picture of color #28? I’m looking into a super light rosey blonde color and this seemed to be it. Thanks!

I took a close picture of the color #28 for you. : )

2018-11-26 22:29:39
Meeta mee********** November 04 2018
Hello there I live in London and Would like a wig by the 8th of December and the 20 inch the Kim Kardashian darkest Brown in 20 inches. I was just wondering if you could get it to me by then but also my head measurements are different to what you’ve got on your website , I have actually written them down so would it be possible to actually have the wig sent to me before the 8th of December and also I want a pre-plucked wig as well . This is my first ever wig so I’m not sure which cap to get, I do not want any glue whatsoever ever so please could you tell me which one I should get. I just want to literally pop it on and go! But I also want it to stay on and maybe sometimes put it in a ponytail. Sorry for so many questions. Your help would be greatly appreciated before I order. Can I part this wig to the side as I have a side parting. Many thanks.

Hi, thank you so much for your interests. 

1. For the capsize, please measure according to the directions, and choose the most suitable one, and most caps are stretchable and are with sewin adjustable straps for you to adjust a little to fit your head better.

2. All in stock items are with the pre-plucked hairline, and for customized wigs, you can choose pre-plucked hairline when placing your order.

3. If you'd like not to use glue, glueless caps are better, because they have sewin combs and adjustable straps.

4. Sew the elastic band we will send you in the package will make your wig stay more safely. For how to sew it, check the video here:

5. Full lace wigs allow you to free parting all over the head, lace front wigs can part freely in the front lace part.

More questions, please feel free to contact [email protected] to get an instant reply. Thank you!

2018-11-26 23:05:20
Rie val************* October 21 2018
Can I see the difference between 100% density and 130% density on your Yaki straight Brazilian virgin hair? And the wig I’m looking at only has an option for light brown lace color, can I request medium brown? Also if I request bleached knots will that cost extra?

Hi dear, actually it cannot see the difference very clearly with pictures between 100% density and 130% density. Normally we only have the stocked wig in virgin hair with light brown lace, of if you wanna medium brown lace, we can definitely offer you, pls leave us message about your requests. We will notice and if any questions about your order, we will contact you with email in time. BTW, we can only provide bleached knots service on natural black hair now, which is no extra cost. : )

2018-10-25 04:07:53
Hannah han*********** October 10 2018
Can you please send me a picture or link of the colour #7 and 9?

They look very similar when shot with the flashlight, and #7 looks a bit paler than #9. Check the picture below.


2018-10-15 05:51:29
Denise den******************* October 07 2018
Can you tell me the difference between a highlight color and a mixed color?

For highlight color, you can see obviously different colors, often highlight some lighter or bolder colors. 

For mixed color, often two or more colors mixed evenly together, then hand-tied to the lace cap, to achieve a more natural effect.

2018-10-15 22:05:51
Liv lem************** October 02 2018
Hello! I am super interested in the ‘Yaki Long Straight Full Lace Human Hair Wig with Bangs’ and I had a few questions about the wig! Is it possible to come with a large cap? And if so how do I request one? Also for a lot of the measurements my head is maybe like an inch or like half an inch more than the average cap except for maybe like a few of the measurements I took, so do you think I would still need a large? Also I have thicker hair that’s kinda long so should I take that into account when it’s braided under the wig and go for a large cap? Also the is the ‘natural black’ color that the wig comes in is it 1 or 1B from the pictures that are shown? Also if I would like the knots to be bleached how would I request it (if it is possible!) thank you so much :)

Thank you so much for your questions, Liv.

You can custom a large cap, just leave us a message when placing your order or go to this page to get more custom options.

And for the measurements, please measure when your own hair is already braided, and find the most suitable one. If only half an inch more, it's okay to choose average cap, the cap is stretchable.

For the natural black color, it is the natural hair color that hasn't been dyed, the color #1 and #1b are both dyed from natural black.

And you can request bleached knots, just leave us a message when placing your order, but please kindly note that color #1 jet black cannot be bleached.

2018-10-15 22:53:05
Cookie alv************** September 27 2018
I found a CEW1104 wig that I love. The options are remy or virgin. What is the difference in texture?

Hi, Virgin human hair means the hair has not been chemically altered in any way. This includes dyes, perms, bleaching, and other popular processes. So virgin hair will be a bit expensive than remy hair.

2018-09-28 02:38:16
Margaret McCullough mar*************** September 10 2018
Hi i have questions about colors. I'm not sure what blonde would work for me and I'm thinking i should do a mix of 2 colors. Could i send you an image of what Color I'd like the hair to look like or could I see examples of the colors I'm interested in? I know I'm asking a lot, I'm just really excited to place an order and I want to make sure I'll love it!!

Hi, i think you can have a look on our color chart for help. Since we won't custom the hair colors which you provided, we cannot make teh same colors as you image. Because different companies have different color charts, we cannot promise that will be the same as yours. Pls undertsand.

Here is the link for color chart:

Or you can email us for help. [email protected].

2018-09-20 00:10:07
Annette Pat***************** August 13 2018
i want the custom Kelly rowland in 24 inches like the model wearing it in the picture however in the options the maximum is 22. Would i be able to get a 24?

The maximum length of our current in stock items are 22", if you'd like to custom a 24" one, would you please contact [email protected]? And I will forward your message to them too.

2018-08-15 23:19:13
Nya man************** August 09 2018
Do you have any examples of the hair color 24

I attached a picture of #24, but the color will look a bit different under different light shades.

2018-08-15 23:24:10
Lisa lis************** June 02 2018
Can I a 613 and 27 highlights

Of course you can, you can custom your hair color here:

Choose hair color #613, and choose your highlight color and highlight percentage. : )

2018-06-05 22:11:16
Janet Richards Jr1*********** May 20 2018
Hello I would like to make some adjustments to my order

Please contact [email protected] to make the adjustments. : )

2018-05-23 03:59:47
Jay Jr1*********** May 18 2018
I have alopecia so there's no need for me to have the Combs with inside the wig. Can I Order without the combs?

Yes, you can, please leave us a message when placing your order, or contact [email protected] to make the change.

2018-05-23 03:58:05
Brenda bre************ April 30 2018
Hi, I am interested a wig it's the SK008 would I be able to get it in #4 color with a silk cap in the color light brown and have the lace in a light brown also? Please let me know if any of these or all of them are an option with this wig if not I will go with another wig. Thank you

Hi Brenda, if you prefer SK008, you can customize your wig here, where you can find more custom options. : )

2018-05-08 03:18:38
Andrea and************************ April 03 2018
I love the wig SKU: CEW0103, but I have some doubts about the cap construction: could I have that wig with a full lace cap and with adjustable straps? In the section of the cap construction's options, it shows one that is "Lace Cap with stretch in crown and adjustable strap in back", is that the option I must choose? I really want a full lace wig, not a lace front or something similar. Thanks.

Hi Andrea, thank you so much for your interest, cew0103 is a full lace wig, means, you can have it with a full lace cap with an adjustable strap. And this is a custom wig, means you can choose any kind of the full lace caps we offer, just leave a message when placing your order if you cannot choose the cap from the custom options.

2018-04-09 23:02:47
Ingrid ing**************** March 23 2018
I'm doubtful about the size of the root in the hair's porcetages size 24 inches, what would be the inch of each porcetagem?

You can simply leave us a message when placing your order about the dark root length you want. : )

2018-03-27 05:48:48
N nma********* March 16 2018
Hello, Do you have example pictures of the root color percentages?

The color percentages are different according to your hair length, because if you order a 16 inches wig, then 20% will be about 3", while a 12 inches wig will be around 2.5". And you can just leave us a message about the root color inches you want.

2018-03-21 05:59:58
Sara Wilson sar************** March 08 2018
Do you customize the size? My head is small.

We can customize the cap size, but you might need to wait a bit longer, which will be around a month. : )

2018-03-08 22:52:25
Kaleigh bas*************** February 25 2018
I have medium-dark brown skin, but the wig i want (STOCKED HOT SELLER SILKY / YAKI LONG STRAIGHT FULL LACE HUMAN HAIR WIG WITH BANGS with virgin hair) only comes in light brown lace. will that still work?

Yes, that will still work. Just apply some foundation on the exposed lace. If you still want a darker colored lace, feel free to email [email protected] to customize one for you.

2018-03-04 22:11:21
Schatarai rawls sch************ February 12 2018
Please show me what color is medium golden brown and light golden brown as I would like to buy a wig but not sure of color

#10 is medium golden brown, and #12 is light golden brown.

This wig is in color #10:

And #12 is kind of pure blonde, looks similar to #613, but warmer.

2018-02-24 00:10:16
Deborah Patrie deb************* January 20 2018
how can a rose gold colored wig be virgin hair? Obviously it is colored therefore not virgin. Can you explain this please.

Virgin hair means the original hair source we use. Remy hair cannot be dyed into a rose gold color.

2018-02-06 00:32:57
KATHYLEAN ASHBURN-RILEY ka2*********** January 04 2018
Medum Brown lace; Silky straight; malaysian hair; bleached knots; natural hairline; 150 density; and pre-plucked hairline.

Hi Kathylean, what can I do for you? Would you please specify your quesiton?

2018-02-06 00:55:55

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