Kaleigh bas*************** February 25 2018
I have medium-dark brown skin, but the wig i want (STOCKED HOT SELLER SILKY / YAKI LONG STRAIGHT FULL LACE HUMAN HAIR WIG WITH BANGS with virgin hair) only comes in light brown lace. will that still work?

Yes, that will still work. Just apply some foundation on the exposed lace. If you still want a darker colored lace, feel free to email to customize one for you.

2018-03-04 22:11:21
Schatarai rawls sch************ February 12 2018
Please show me what color is medium golden brown and light golden brown as I would like to buy a wig but not sure of color

#10 is medium golden brown, and #12 is light golden brown.

This wig is in color #10:

And #12 is kind of pure blonde, looks similar to #613, but warmer.

2018-02-24 00:10:16
KATHYLEAN ASHBURN-RILEY ka2*********** January 04 2018
Medum Brown lace; Silky straight; malaysian hair; bleached knots; natural hairline; 150 density; and pre-plucked hairline.

Hi Kathylean, what can I do for you? Would you please specify your quesiton?

2018-02-06 00:55:55
Deborah Patrie deb************* January 20 2018
how can a rose gold colored wig be virgin hair? Obviously it is colored therefore not virgin. Can you explain this please.

Virgin hair means the original hair source we use. Remy hair cannot be dyed into a rose gold color.

2018-02-06 00:32:57
Sara Wilson sar************** March 08 2018
Do you customize the size? My head is small.

We can customize the cap size, but you might need to wait a bit longer, which will be around a month. : )

2018-03-08 22:52:25
N nma********* March 16 2018
Hello, Do you have example pictures of the root color percentages?

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