Pre-made Fake Scalp Cap Wigs with Bleached Knots

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Upgraded fake scalp wig released!

Fake scalp lace cap is a revolution to lace wigs, this idea is inspired by the bald scalp wig wearing method, and first impressed in @MsPreciousMarie's video, she sewed a part of a stocking cap in the front part of the wig cap instead of wearing and glue down a stocking cap between our own hair and the wig. More about the definition of the pre-made fake scalp lace wig please read our blog.
Now's pre-made fake scalp lace wigs are all with bleached knots, which makes the wigs look more natural.

We stock basic and hot seller hairstyles, which can ready to ship. 

And you also can custom your fake scalp wig by clicking the "Cap Construction" option under all 6" deep parting lace wigs and full lace wigs, with NO extra cost.