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Sherrie mor*********** November 07 2019
I have a 360 full lace wig that I wear mostly in a ponytail or updo. Lately, I have noticed the nape or back of it folding and I cannot get it straight. Does wearing it up ruin your wig.

Try to remove extra glue using glue remover, and soften the lace, tie your ponytail a bit looser.

2019-11-10 22:07:40
Mandie greenham man********************** April 04 2019
Hi. I have read your guide lines, but I want be doubly sure that im going to but the most suitable wig, as this will be an investment until my broken damage hair grows back. I'm so so devastated about my natural hair that it has cause to to have depression and hide away. I don't go out anymore as I hate the way I look. I want to buy a wig to bring back my confidence and begin to like myself again. But I need help from you please. I've never ever worn a wig before and real have no idea where to start and what to do.. I'm looking to buy to wear everyday and that will look realistic and the most secure too. I'm ok to use glue as I think this will make me feel like it's not going to move or fall off. I want to put my hair into a Pony tails too. Also I'd like to know how long could the wig be kept on at one time, before having to remove and wash my own hair? ( I don't mind going for long periods without washing my hair) Thank you Mandie

Hi. Actually, we sell human hair wigs which can wear it every day with good maintain. And normally we highly recommend to wash your wig at least once a week, or a few times wearing with warm water. Wash more often in Summer. Keep your wig clean can help your wig last longer. And an average time on the wig life according to our customers' feedbacks will be a year. That totally depends on your use. If you are the beginner, you can watch some videos on wearing, caring, maintaining or more on youtube for help, I think.

2019-04-24 01:01:14
Ashley ash***************** January 13 2019
Hi! Which type of wig will be best for every day wear and being able to put it up in high buns or high ponytails? My hair is falling out due to a medication I’m on so I need a wig to wear full time while I figure everything out since I’m losing my hair. :( Also- what’s the difference between a full lace cap with and without ear tabs? Honestly I’m mainly looking for the most realistic cap available. Thank you so much!

full lace wigs and 360 lace wigs all can wear in high buns or high ponytails. You can apply a little Got2b glue to glue down the hairline to make your wig stay in place. 

Please check the picture below to see the differences between a full lace cap with ear tabs and without ear tabs.

For all the caps we can provide, please visit:

2019-01-14 02:35:56
Shanda sym************* May 13 2018
I wanted to purchase a wig but I plan on cutting all my hair off before hand and wanted to know which type of wig is recommended

Full lace wig is the best choice because it can be parted anywhere, and you can request to remove the combs sewed inside if you do not need the combs to help stay in place. And 360 lace wig is another more affordable choice, it also can be worn in a ponytail.

2018-05-23 04:04:47

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