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Mirz awa**************** November 23 2018
is there anyway of sewing in the wig?

It's a good question, Mirz. : ) We will try our best to update a tutorial video soon.

And yes, you can. Just braid your own hair, try your wig and adjust to the most comfortable place, separate your wig along your braid tracks, then sew down. 

2018-11-26 22:40:44
Madison Ayala mad********** May 30 2018
How do I minimize the griddy look of the lace wig towards the front of my wig so it looks more natural and not like I have huge pores on my scalp

Apply some foundation on the lace parting area, and along the hairline, we recently updated an useful tool which is used to apply the foundation and manage the baby hair along the hairline. Check the tool here: 

And check this article for how to put on a wig with a natural parting:

2018-07-31 00:27:45
Truly tag************* January 11 2018
How to put a semiperminant dye in the wig

I saw some temporary hair color spry before, maybe you can use that kind of product, and after wash the color gone.

2018-02-06 00:33:53

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