Natural hair Enthusiast and Beauty influencer with a passion for inspiring others through her social media platforms.

Her Tips for a Nature Look

-Sew on an elastic band to help the unit lay flatter.

-Bleaching the knots is a nice touch. However,  If you’re a novice to this, simply turn the unit over, apply your skin color foundation to the lace using a foundation brush and viola!  You’re good to go!

Additionally, you can just apply powder foundation or concealer to the areas where the lace is exposed.

-Be sure to wear a wig cap underneath the unit that’s your scalp color.

-Twist or braid your hair down really flat to eliminate a bulky look at the top of the unit.

- The bangs are pretty phenomenal in my opinion. But, you can personally cut them if need be to frame your face a bit more. But, be sure to take your time.

-Don’t be afraid to bump the bangs in the front to achieve a more effortless look.

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