Wig Experts

Ariana.Ava, studying at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, is a fashion enthusiast and influencer known for her black and white unique style. She also is passionate about beauty and hair.
Diarra’s love for wigs began in 2015 after a big chop. Her wigs’ role quickly transformed from functionality into a fashion accessory. Diarra was given a gift to express her creativity and individuality though her favorite form of art, makeup and hair.
Vivian Tine, a fashion and beauty blogger on Instagram. As a WOC she likes to wear wigs as a protective style.
Lani Feli
Kaylani Felizardo, also known as Lani Feli. She looooves wigs and tried so many brands, but EvaWigs are her favorite!
Marie, Beauty Influencer, Mother, and Wife! She started her love for hair extensions/wigs over 12 years ago. Over the years she has self taught herself lots of hair techniques and she loves experimenting learning new things. Her YouTube channel is a way to teach, inspire, and help others learn her tips that make your hair look amazing. Her goal is to show you how to apply your hair weaves and wigs naturally. To her opinion, wearing hair weaves/wigs is enhancing your natural beauty. It's a accessory not a necessity!