Diarra’s love for wigs began in 2015 after a big chop. Her wigs’ role quickly transformed from functionality into a fashion accessory. Diarra was given a gift to express her creativity and individuality though her favorite form of art, makeup and hair.

Her Tips for a Nature Look

Diarra’s 5 Tips for a Natural Look

1. Sometimes with lace wigs the hair may not lay in the right direction after styling. What I found to make a significant difference is flattening the part and hairline with a hot comb. I like to use electrical hot combs so I can easily monitor the temperature. This will create a more natural movement to the hair.

2. When washing color treated wigs I like to detangle the wigs first (starting at the ends), always use cold water and a sulfate free shampoo. This will keep the hair shaft closed and prevents your beautiful color from rinsing down the drain! I also like to wear gloves to prevent the hair from snagging on my nails or rings.

3.  I deep condition my wigs at least every two weeks. Allowing the wigs to air dry with as little agitation as possible for a smooth style.

4.  When receiving a curly or wavy unit, to make the curls pop use a spray bottle and Denman brush to bring out the natural curl.

5. Whenever handling the unit when it’s off your head make sure to hold it properly. The lace is delicate and may rip when held incorrectly. With an open hand, fingers spread, I place my hand inside the wig, and my thumb on the outside. Clamping down with the wig in between my thumb and my hand. This creates more surface area, and ensures that the lace will not tear!

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