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The quality is amazing. I've been wearing a wig every day for 1,5 months already, styled it in a different way and washed it twice a week, and it looks exactly the same as when I got it. It doesn't shed when you wash it, at all! Very easy to use and to style, looks natural (worked with a group of people for a week, nobody noticed it was a wig). If you're hesitating about buying your first wig, don't. It took me a long time to finally start and it is easier than you imagine:) Will definitely buy again!
The hair is beautiful, easy to take care of if you are a new wig owner. This hair came out beautiful after washing it and it can take heat very well can't be mad at it would buy again
This wig is great, received so many compliments from it, it does get a little tangled if you don’t condition if after awhile, but overall it’s one of the best wigs I’ve had. Very minimal shedding if any at all
Valor do cabelo peruca fé franja
Beautiful hair, color is amazing; not exactly the same as the picture but just as beautiful as subtle. Haven’t gotten a chance to wear it out anywhere because I’m afraid of it looking “wiggy” but if you get silk top it’s sooo much more natural looking.
Order: #014110 I just purchased this wig and worn it a couple times and I LOVE it!!! It looks so natural and frames my face perfectly. It can be cute either wavy or bone straight and it is so easy to manage. It is definitely my go-to wig because its super easy to put on and go. No shedding, no tangles. Absolutely PERFECT!! :)
Order: #012213 This was my first wig I ever purchased, and it got me hooked! I now have ordered three wigs from EvaWigs and each is amazing quality. This hair is so versatile and easy to style. I love how the preplucked hairline and the baby hairs make it look so realistic! So many people have messaged me asking about my curly wig and I always tell them to come here because you're guaranteed to be happy with your wig! I have had mine for about 6 months and it is still looking amazing.
Ok so, this was my first time ordering a human hair wig online and I had a lot of questions! EvaWigs has, by far, THE BEST customer service I have ever experienced with an online company. They were very informative and they sent me lots of pictures of the unit, after the unit was complete. Now let’s get to the QUALITY of the unit... I’ve watched HUNDREDS of YouTube videos & I’ve read so many reviews on how different wig units will shed a lot depending on the quality - And this wig DOES NOT shed. Ladies — I wash her, comb her, finger-comb her & she DOES NOT shed!!! I was shocked (so was my hairstylist, she noticed too lol). You would have to tangle her pretty badly (which wouldn’t be easy lol) and then yank out the tangles with very heavy/rough combing for this wig to “shed a few strands” but there is no shedding otherwise — not even when you run your fingers through it! Tangling — NONE. Seriously. The texture is so smooth and silky - I’ve gone dancing & swung my hair around and there was NO tangling (don’t worry, I had her glued down lol)! The QUALITY of this unit has def exceeded my expectations. The only CON I have, is that I ordered the wig to NOT have dark roots like the website photos (I ordered the wig all 1 color blonde WITHOUT dark roots) but my unit was still dyed with dark roots... Customer Service did their best to discount a percentage for the mistake, which I appreciate... But personally, the dye mistake ruined the “clean/polished” look that I was aiming for & after a local hair stylist attempted to “bleach the knots” from the dark roots, now the roots/knots look extremely overbleached & like the lace of the unit is possibly permanently ruined.... Aside from the “dye mistake” that took place during production, I’d still give the quality of this unit 5 stars!
I got this unit and I'm so happy with it, it's my first wig and I just feel like a queen, the hair is super soft And the bangs are soooooo cute I don't have nothing bad to say I'm just in love. Order number is #013975
order #009622 This is the older wig i have from evawig its nearing a little over 2 years now. The wigs is still as pretty as the day i received it. I ordered the wig in 1b and i've dyed it into a reddish ombre. The quality of the wig is the same and no issue after dyeing.
Order#013087 Short and easy. I bought this wig about 3 months ago before i gave birth. Its a very easy wig. i was able to wear it right out of the box without needing to customize it. no shedding , washes easy and very easy to style. I would recommend this to a friend.
This wig is by far the most natural looking wig I own from Eva Wigs. The hair line is impeccable, the hair is so soft, and the cap lays perfect on my head. Everyone loves when I wear this wig because the color is done just right! ITS THE BEST!!!
So happy about this wig, i will buy again and again at evawigs ♥️
order #012091 This is my first time ordering a curly wig and i love it!. The wig does not tangle and the curls are very easy to maintain. All i do is give myself to damp pigtails at night and i get very soft curls in the morning. no shedding and easy to comb through. I would recommend this wig to a friend. This photo is after having the wig for 6 months.
This hair has held up for months for me and has continued to look perfect after all this time! I'm so incredibly happy with it and can't wait to buy a new piece from EVA soon.
almost 3 months and its still lovely as ever...
Thank you Eva Wigs. This unit is so beautiful and I love it. It doesn't require me to do much work with it to make it look natural and believable. I will be purchasing more units.
Reply: Very glad to hear that, dear. And thanks so much for your feedback. : )
ladies get ready for your hair to look nice asf!! the only thing i can say that bothered me is how it felt itchy sometimes
The unit took 5 days to ship to Australia. Expectation exceeded there, so quick. I then open. It’s beautiful, soft, no smell, no shedding. I have had alopecia for 27 years. This instantly gave me a relief , confidence and ability I could not explain. I’m a little nervous about my public debut but that’s only because I haven’t changed style and colour in years due to concealing. Forever grateful, will be re ordering to keep a good stock. Thank you. This pre plucked hairline is everything. The colour is similar to when I lost it as a child so it’s exciting. Dreaming of a full lace one now so I can braid. Thank you thank you and thank you to Lexi luxury for helping me find Eva wigs x
I had a $3,000 custom wig from a local salon that was just awful. I could not return it, and I was devastated about my hair. I'm so glad I purchased this wig!! It is better than my other wig in every way. It looks completely natural, the cap fits perfectly (even in my custom wig, I had to use dozens of bobby pins to keep it in place -- I don't have to use any with this one!!). This wig is perfect and I'm so happy to have it. 2018-09-20 13:41:522018-09-20 13:41:52
Reply: Very glad that you love this wig so much, thanks so much for your feedback and support. : )
Reply: Hi, if you wanna dye the wig after we finishing, yes, highly recommend choose natural black color.
I recently shaved my afro off and I really missed my curly hair. So, I researched this wig and decided to invest in it; it was totally worth it! This hair is absolutely Amazing! In my opinion, if your are not used to coily hair, it might be a lot of maintenance for you. However, I am used to styling natural hair and I think the maintence is easy. Thanks Eva Wigs!
In love with this hair!
I absolutely love my curly unit. I was hesitant about spending that much on hair. However, when I received it, I was shook. Absolutely satisfied and will be ordering a backup in the future.
This wig was definitely worth the price. I got the 16 inch with a 130% density, and at first when I got it, I was skeptical about the length, but I like that it is not too long and not too short. The quality is the best I have had in a wig.
Love this hair seriously 2018-08-15 20:45:45
Reply: Thanks so much for sharing your picture and your feedback. : )
Love this hair seriously
First time buying from here and will be back again as it’s taken me a long time to find a site to get what I want and for not to out of packet and to deliver to the uk I got my order on time very happy also a discount for first time buyers and a nice box with instructions and a comb.
First time buying from here and will be back again as it’s taken me a long time to find a site to get what I want and for not to out of packet and to deliver to the uk I got my order on time very happy also a discount for first time buyers and a nice box with instructions and a comb.
This is my first human hair wig and I am in love! Very soft and dense hair that is worth the price. I expected the cap size Petite to be smaller, it is still too big for my head but besides I am very happy with my purchase!