Lesly les************** March 07 2018
Hi I’m trying to get he Kim k inspired straight off black 24” 150% density wig w 5” silk top however I can’t find the option for a silk cap. Please advise

I have checked the product page

And the silk top option is available.

2018-03-08 05:30:17
Denisse Diharce den***************** February 21 2018
Hello!!! I am looking for a wig I can wear daily because I have alopecia totalis which means I am completely bald so I need it to be as real as possible, what do you recommend...Right now I am wearing a wig ny premier lace wigs but I wanted to find something that meets my needs.... thank you

Maybe you can choose full lace cap without stretch and without combs, and apply with glue will be better. : )

2018-03-04 22:13:23

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