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Evangeline Klingbeil bob************** January 29 2023
Is the full lace (glueless) less hot for summer than a 5x5 lace front?
CaSonya cas************ September 10 2020
Hi there are a several wigs that I have seen on your page but they all say out of stock. When do you think you will be getting them back in?
Melissa lis**************** June 07 2020
Another question. Will you be able to bleach knots on a fake scalp for medium to dark skin tones.

Hi Melissa, Evawigs fake scalp wigs are all with bleached knots, which makes the wigs look more natural on all skin tones.

2020-06-12 02:54:39
Melissa lis**************** June 07 2020
Hi, is there a way to cover the hair knots all throughout the full lace wig and not just the parting areas. I wanna be to do multiple hairstyle and make the parting look real

Hi Melissa, you can choose the Cap-2 Full Lace Cap Without Stretch and try to bleach the knots all over the full lace.

2020-06-12 02:32:49
Melissa lis**************** May 23 2020
Can you still style a full lace wig in an updo hairstyle with the combs sewed inside?

The combs sewed inside are used to help us comb them into our braided natural hair, to make the wig stay in place more secure. So, they will not affect us to do an updo.: )

2020-06-01 03:35:48
Ann bwo************* January 25 2020
Cap 2, full lace no stretch crown...can an elastic band be sewn and knots be bleached?

Yes, elastic bands and bleached knots (except for color #1 jet black) are available for cap 2.

2020-02-02 05:28:12
La Toya Hill div******************* December 29 2019
Hi, I lost my hair due to chemo. I'm not bald anymore due to my is had started to grow back. But. It's still very short. I want the full lace cap (no combs please because my hair is still to short) I want the adjustable strap at the back of the full lace wig & I want it to be able to stretch a little bit in the crown area.. Which cap is better for me? I like Cap 2. But I want the adjustable strap at the back. And I like Cap 3A the 2nd one. So which cap is best for me? I want to make sure I have the proper cap & that it will fit snug on my head.

I think you need the full lace cap with stretch in the crown, and with an adjustable strap in the back, and maybe you need an elastic band sewed inside from ear to ear to help your wig stay in place. : ) Contact [email protected] if need more help.

2019-12-31 01:05:25
Carla mia******************** June 23 2019
If I choose not to add the 20 dollar fake scalp will I still get the new thin lace or do I have to add the whole thing?

If you choose HD lace you will get the new thin lace, no matter whether you choose the fake scalp.

2019-07-01 00:37:43
Jody Rose jod************** May 20 2019
Please contact me regarding purchasing and learning more about a wig. I have a lot of questions. Thank you kindly, Jody Rose 530)305-9999

Hi love, if you are interested in our human hair wigs, and have questions, pls contact us on social media by DM, or email us later, we will reply you asap. Here is customer service email: [email protected].

2019-05-20 22:35:14
Jacoya jac**************** April 12 2019
Hello I have breast cancer and have lost my hair so I'm bald from chemo. I am still confused on what cap construction to get. I have a small head and I want to be able to wear my wig in a high pony tail or bun for work. From what I can understand is that a full lace/ 360 lace might be the best options to choose from.

Hello, according to your messages, yes, full lace wig/360 lace wig cap will be better for you. For full lace wig, you can choose our cap-2 or cap-3A which has no combs on wearing. For 360 lace wig, it can be finished without combs if you need it, pls leave us message in the box when you ordered. 

2019-04-23 02:15:55
Amelia Bronner ame*************** February 04 2019
I have a really large head, would you be able to make the "Cap 1A - Full Lace Cap with Stretch in Crown" a comfortable fit with a custom order?

We can make the wig with a customized cap for you, and the processing time will be around a month, if it's okay for you, you can leave us a message when placing your order. : )

2019-02-07 04:34:29
Robyn rob******** January 23 2019
Can this wig be attached with glue?

All the wigs can be attached with glue, glueless cap means there're three combs sewed inside the cap for you to secure your wig if you don't want to use glue.

2019-01-23 23:08:03
Amethyste ame****************** November 27 2018
Hi I wan to order a wig but im not not sure about the lace cap construction. Which one is the most natural, let me scalp breathe and stay in place without glue. Thank you!

All the glueless lace caps can be worn without glue, there're a few combs and an adjustable strap sewed inside the cap to help the wig stay in place, and we also include an elastic band in the package which you can sew into the wig cap to help the wig stay more safely.

For all the cap constructions, please read above, and for how to sew the elastic band, please take a look at this article: How to Lay Down the Wig Hairline by Sewing an Elastic Band - No Glue Way to Flat the Hairline

2018-11-28 11:38:50
Kim kim********************* October 31 2018
Will i be able to put cap 3B in a high ponytail? Is there lace along the back hairline?

Hello, normally cap-3A will be better for holding high ponytail, since cap-3A with lace along the back hairline.

2018-11-02 04:02:48
Ghazaleh gha***************** October 12 2018
Which of these cap construction look more real?

All the wigs look real if you wear properly, but if you want to wear to a ponytail or an updo, full lace cap will be better because it can be parted anywhere.

2018-10-15 05:48:49
Tracy Anderson ama********** October 09 2018
want Italian raw curly hair 30in

We can custom 30" hair now, would you please contact [email protected] for order details?

2018-10-15 06:05:42
Erica eri************** September 14 2018
Will i be able to put cap 3A in a high ponytail?

Hi, yes, our cap-3A is available for holding ponytail.

2018-09-20 00:01:27
Paula pau********* August 23 2018
Is it possible to order a Glueless wig with Ear Tabs and without combs?

Yes. Normally our gluess wig with ear tabs will have combs, if you do not wanna them, pls leave us message in the box when you place the order.

2018-09-10 04:55:45
Madi mad********** April 26 2018
I am purchasing a wig today and I am still torn between which cap to purchase? I will be wearing it for work and to go out in. Never worn a wig before and I for sure want full lace just not sure if I get glueless or not?

Glueless cap can be worn with or without glue, if you want to wear more secure, glue it down along the hairline.

2018-04-27 04:44:07
brenda bre************ April 22 2018
How do I order a petite size cap average is too big for me how would I place the order for a petite size cap

You can choose petite size cap when ordering a custom wig, if the wig you want to order is an instock item, leave us a message when placing your order, but the processing time will be as long as custom ones, which will be around a month.

2018-04-23 05:50:24
Kelly kel******************* April 15 2018
Olá, num processo de salão fiquei quase careca, até que meu cabelo cresça novamente optei por usar uma Wig, mas me preocupo que seja ventilada. Gostaria de uma Silk top, com repartição livre, com alça ajustável, sem pentes, que pode ser usada com cola e sem cola. É possível?

All the glueless lace cap have combs and an adjustable strap sewed inside the cap.  And all glueless cap can be wore with or without glue.

And all custom wigs are available to add silk top.

2018-04-23 05:47:15
zinnia zva********* March 28 2018
hi i’m new to the wig thing and i’m very confused on which cap to choose ??? i don’t know haha. and is the slim top lace cap necessary ?

The silk top is not necessary if you are new to wig. The price are increasing from lace front cap, 360 lace cap to full lace cap, according to the amount of hand works. A detailed article about the differences among the three kind of cap types will be updated soon.

2018-03-30 05:03:12
Lesly les************** March 07 2018
Hi I’m trying to get he Kim k inspired straight off black 24” 150% density wig w 5” silk top however I can’t find the option for a silk cap. Please advise

I have checked the product page

And the silk top option is available.

2018-03-08 05:30:17
Denisse Diharce den***************** February 21 2018
Hello!!! I am looking for a wig I can wear daily because I have alopecia totalis which means I am completely bald so I need it to be as real as possible, what do you recommend...Right now I am wearing a wig ny premier lace wigs but I wanted to find something that meets my needs.... thank you

Maybe you can choose full lace cap without stretch and without combs, and apply with glue will be better. : )

2018-03-04 22:13:23

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