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Priya Kadam pri************** November 09 2019
Why do you use swiss lace as HD lace? Swiss lace and HD lace are different. Infact, HD lace is more thinner than Swiss lace. Can you make wig using HD transparent lace and not swiss lace

We only use Swiss lace, which is really delicate and high quality, as HD lace.

2019-11-10 22:16:17
O ohu********** November 02 2019
Does hd lace tear easy?Would you recommend hd lace wigs for everyday use?

HD lace actually is Swiss lace, it's thinner, so it's not as strong as the Korean lace. But it's totally okay for everyday use, and remember don't pluck the hairline or bleaching the knots by yourself.
And please read the new article about the mistakes we often made to ruin our wigs

2019-11-02 23:25:08
Khadijah Mitchell mit*************** September 13 2019
Hello looking over the terms I was wonder if I can be come a vendor for establishment I love to bring this type of lace HD to my small towngreenville Ms 38701

Please contact [email protected] for more wholesale details.

2019-09-24 04:26:45
Aniah ani********** August 31 2019
Do I need to bleach the knots of a HD lace ?

HD lace cannot hide the hair knots, it's a kind of delicate lace material.

2019-09-10 10:47:24

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