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yneedcouk yne*********** November 15 2020
How can I wear a wig so that it won't fall off

This link can help you.

2021-03-01 03:05:04
Shashawna jones ben****************** March 21 2020
I would like my hair just like it looks in the photo that I'm looking at in the photo book thank you feel free to call me at any time 917 480 81 five nine

Please send the photo to [email protected], so we can see if we can help.: ) 

2020-03-23 06:33:30
Kim kim***************** February 21 2020
Does this come with fake scalp? Is this hair wavy like the picture of the models hair?

HD lace wigs don't come with fake scalp, but we can add one if you request, and the hair in the video is silky straight, if you love wavy hair, check out this page:

2020-02-23 09:27:32

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