Solange Knowles Short Afro Curly Custom Full Lace Human Hair Wig

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HD lace only has one color available which is transparent.



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Customer Reviews

  • 2017-08-22
  • By J. Sheena
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So I received my unit a little late after that time a lot it for delivery but that's OK because of the communication between customer service I ordered the 12" and the highest density which was 150 & it is thick I ordered the Average size cap & believe it or not it was big I did add an elastic bamd n the back, 1 extra comb & I sewed 2 to pinyucks on each side just to get it to lay down tin the back of my head . I haven't wet this hair because of previous reviews that the hair never reverts back to the Afro look. After I finger combed the unit out, it was massive & I loved it. It looks so natural. The girl pattern is so true to the afro an American hair. I did pluck a few hairs out in the parting. But I didn't have to add foundation or anything. I dont leave any hair out at all, it looks that natura People thinks it's my hair. I did have to trim it to give it some shape, but no shedding so far. I'm going to buy another one just like this one kust to do twistouts on. But this unit is life! I Absolutely love it..
  • 2015-03-25
  • By J. Barbara
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Overall I like this wig. However after dyeing and washing it, I couldn't get the natural state back. I followed the video in how to get it back natural, but it is a little too straight. I tried the twists and the hair is so soft it won't stay twisted. It was a too long and kept getting longer. I got the 10 inch maybe next time I'll get the 8". I wanted the natural look but after washing it looks like it has had a relaxer. It's still pretty after cutting and using the rubber bands to twist. The hair is so soft. Next time, I'll have to get a 150 density so that it will be fuller. I was a little frustrated with it at first cause I couldn't get that natural look like it was in the box. I'll guess I'll have to keep working on it. This was my first time ordering so I got a little learning to do. I should have read these comments before ordering and would have known to go to a higher density. Lesson learned. Eva's customer service is great. I am rocking it tho and keep getting comments on how cute and sassy I look.
  • 2014-09-06
  • By T.
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Absolutely in Love!!!!!!

My hair has been natural for about 30 years but I was never able to get a full fluffy fro. My hair simply isn't thick enough and my curl is too tight. I had been thinking about a fro wig since my mom said a lot folks in the 70s including her were wearing fro wigs, but all I could find was the party clown one. Thankfully, EVawigs has given the fro the respect it deserves. The hair is soft and the curl is just right. I however regret that I ordered the wrong color. I have black hair so I ordered natural black but it is lighter than my hair. I guess I'm really jet black so now I can't pull my hair out at the hairline like I planned. Also I cheapskates and got medium density which is not full enough. It feels fuller along the front but the crown and the back are too thin, which I couldn't tell from the pictures they sent me of the wig before shipping. From other reviews it sound like the 150 heavy is the way to go. These were my errors not the maker. But I think that this will be a perfect warmer weather wig and I'll get the 150 density for colder wear. Also I ordered on August 16 and it arrive on Sept. 4. Super fast and the customer service was very prompt and showed me pics along the way. I will definitely use Evawigs again!!!!!
  • 2014-01-28
  • By O. T.
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Thanks So much!

You all are awesome!!! I got my lace wig today! it was very fast thank you so very much! it looks so good and very soft !!! Thanks much again
  • 2013-11-24
  • By N. M
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2nd review (1 month)

Hi, I commented about a month ago, so I thought I would do another one. I had purchased this wig in 12", colour 2. I would say that the texture you get out of the box is very much like the pic of Solange. 1 month on the hair is still lovely and super-easy to look after! Some things to note: (1) If you part the hair, the curl stops about an inch from the root. On lighter hair colour it is very noticeable (so I dyed my unit dark brown), this hides the sudden change in texture. (2) If you do a twist out, don't expect the hair to shrink back to what it was, especially if you add much product.  (3)12" after twist out a few times becomes quite long. I ended up cutting mine a lot and so should have bought a 10" to start with (I have done that now). (4) Aloe Vera gel and/or coconut serum works *really* well on this hair. Still awesome, and I am wearing it most days xx
  • 2013-11-22
  • By N. Co.
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  • 2013-10-26
  • By N. M
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Best Style Ever

I absolutely love ❤️this wig! It arrived really quickly and I wasn't disappointed! The texture and colour were beautiful. I just styled it in a twist out and the curls look beautiful and defined. I will be wearing this for a long time. Thank you so much, my wig is awesome! X
  • 2013-10-12
  • By N.
  • Was this review helpful?



I ordered this after seeing a youtube video and I am sooo glad I did. It looks juuuuust like my hair. I have had tons of complements. It did take about a month to be constructed but shipping was super fast once it was done. My one regret is that I cheaped out of getting it 120% density. I got it in 16" so it's big (even after I trimmed/shaped it) but I wish it was a little more full. My bad, not theirs. Thanks! I will order again. 

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