[Custom Lace Front] 3"-6" Hair Part Line Lace Front Human Hair Yaki Straight Wig


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Custom lace front wig, you can choose the hair parting size from 3" - 6" to create a natural hair part line as long as you want. 100% premium human hair.

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Normally, we ship your package by FedEx or DHL. But if you have special requests, please leave a message when placing your order.

And your wig processing time is differently according to the item collection you ordered. So, the total delivery time depends on the units you ordered.

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Virgin Hair Remy Hair
100% Indian Remy Hair
5 more working days will be needed to finish your wig if you would like a silk top.
Please select Cap Size



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Custom Human Hair Lace Front Wigs

15 working days before shipping.
100% Indian Remy human hair / 100% Brazilian Virgin human hair
Lace Front Cap with 4 Combs (one on the top, two on both sides, and one the back) and an Adjustable Strap on the Back
Natural Hairline
Swiss Lace

Custom Options:

  • Hair Texture: Silky / Yaki / Kinky Straight or Silky Wavy / Silky Curly
  • Hair Length: 12 - 26 Inches
  • Hair Color: Can be customized.
  • Hair Density: 100% - 150% available.
  • Lace Color: Transparent & Light / Medium / Dark Brown
  • Lace Part Line: 3" / 4.5" / 6"
  • Cap Size: Petite / Average / Large

Customer Reviews

  • By J.
  • 2016-08-09
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4 Week Review

I wanted to post this review after wearing (and washing) the hair so it could be a more honest portrayal of the hair experience instead of just a "first look" reaction. I have been wearing this hair for about a month now. I ordered my unit in Jet Black (#1), 16", 130% density, light brown lace, and average cap size.When I received the unit, I absolutely loved it. It is really well constructed and the hair was extremely soft. My hair was in box braids at the time so I had it for about a month before I finally got the chance to try it on and actually wear it. The 6" parting space is absolutely phenomenal. It's like getting the credibility the full lace wig without the heftier price tag. It makes the unit look extremely, extremely believable and lays really flat whether your hair is in 2 cornrows or 10 cornrows underneath. Most people are actually shocked when I tell them I'm wearing a wig. There is practically no shedding; just a couple of strands when brushing.The Indian Remy hair has high luster and no amount of dry shampoo spray could dull it out to give it a more realistic sheen to it. Washing the unit aided a bit but the shine returned in about a day or two. Although the description lists this as "Yaki Straight", the unit definitely is silky hair. Although they list "options" in their description box, there is no actual place to select options for your hair. If this unit was made from Brazilian hair (either yaki, silky, or kinky straight), it would have been absolutely perfect. The Indian Remy version really is it's only downfall.The 130% density fits like 1.5 packs of hair so I assume the 150% would be close to using 2 packs of hair. If you want the fullness of 3 packs/bundles, you may have to request - at a minimum - 180% density although this does not seem to be an option that is available. While the density of 130% gives a very natural and realistic look to the hair, you will definitely need to cut layers in it immediately, or it will end up looking stringy and/or greasy because of the high luster of the Indian Remy hair. Another con of the Indian Remy hair is matting. Indian Remy is very much so like the pack hair you get from the beauty supply store as opposed to the bundles you receive from various online hair retailers. You kind of have to keep a brush on you at all times and occasionally brush it out to keep it from matting or getting tangled, especially at the nape of the neck. While the hair does curl, it doesn't hold curl well at all. My wand curls usually go flat within hours, and not flat as in "loose wave" but just a wrinkly straight look. It looks frizzy and thick looking. And that, coupled with the penchant for matting, is not a good look. All in all, this unit is a great concept but I would suggest waiting until they offer it with better quality hair (i.e. Brazilian, Malaysian, Peruvian) before purchasing. The difference in price would be a matter of $25-$50 but it would make a big difference in terms of long
Reply: Thank you very much for your detailed comment! And thank you very much for your suggestion of hair type options, and we offer Brazilian virgin hair now. : )
Oh, and we will add hair texture options later. Thanks again for your suggestion!
By: www.evawigs.com 2016-08-10 06:22:47

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If this is your first time to buy a wig, we highly recommend you to read these questions carefully.
We also list some styles which is easy to style and care for first time wig users. Please check here: http://www.evawigs.com/50-my-first-wig

1.How to Apply My Wig and Create a Natural Hairline?
Please watch our how to apply EvaWigs glueless full lace wig video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LxDwvu-e9rc&list=PLqp70UU4CzAnmjym15ia8Cp2g17TzjNlR
More details about how to apply EvaWigs full lace wigs and hair extensions are included in the User’s Manual book in your package.

2. I have read a lot of articles about "How to Wash" in different versions, which is the correct one?
First of all, please DO NOT SOAK your wig or extensions, instead rinsing your hair just like the pictures show below.

3. Can I cut or restyle the wig by myself?
Yes, you can cut and restyle it based on the professional guide by the hairdressers in your local place.

4. How Long Can I Expect My Wig to Last?
The life of your wig will depend on your use and care of it. If handled properly, it should last you 6 months to a year and even longer depending on your handling and use.

5. Can I Get My Wig Exactly Like the Picture?
In one word, all the wigs in the same style are sisters, not twins.
Because all the full lace wigs are hand-tied, dyed, and styled one by one personally, so there might be a little difference between each other.
But we highly recommend you to slightly alter your wig according to your own face shape under your hairdresser’s suggestion if necessary.

6. How to Maintain the Curls of My Wig?
Curly hair needs special cares, first of all, do not brush your curls. Comb conditioner through your hair while washing, towel dry and style it with your fingers to prevent frizz.

7. Why need such a long time to customize a wig? How can I get my wig before my schedule?
All our full lace wigs are hand-tied one thread by another, this is the most time-consuming process.
Normally, we need 30-35 working days to customize your wig, while a rush order needs 15-20 working days. We highly recommend you to order the wig one to two months earlier before your occasion.
Or, please choose our stock wigs which only need 7 working days to prepare before shipping.

8. Why some people buy two wigs at a time?
Wigs are a kind of accessories, divas need different styles to match their OOTD.

9. Bleached knots or silk top?
Bleaching hair knots is a way to make the wig parting invisible, by bleaching the hair knots similar to the lace. But please attention that, we do not bleach the knots for #1 jet black color wigs, because the the color is too dark, the lighter color we bleach, the more fragile the knots will be. 
Silk top is a part of lace (the same color as your cap lace) sewed in the forehead where you might part your wig to cover the hair knots, to make your parting look very natural.
Silk top is a more expensive way to make your wig look more natural, but it’s more and more popular now.

10. How to Choose the Right Length of My Wig? And How to Measure the Wig Length?
As the wig length will look shorter for bigger head compared to smaller one, so we have figured out an easy way to find your perfect hair length.
Step 1. Find your length you want, like to your collarbone, or under your bust?
Step 2. Measure across your top head from one side to another.
Step 3. Read the ruler, and then divided by two, the result will be your dream hair length. If the result number is not an even number, just plus one inch.

Please note: this way is only for the center part, non-assymetrical cut hair, for assymetrical hair length, please measure the longest part of the hair.
For the wig length, please measure from the hair top to the hair ends. Just like the picture show below:

11. How to Tame the Flyaways?
Please read our blog here: http://blog.evawigs.com/three-ways-to-tame-flyaways-of-human-hair-wigs/

For more questions, please feel free to contact service@evawigs.com


Wig: The wig you received might be out of shape because of the squeeze in the transport. But you can re-curl and re-straighten it for a full lace human hair wig.

For a wig with bangs, normally we keep the bangs longer to fit divas' forehead shape. You can cut it as you want.

Free Gifts: one weaving cap, one comb with EvaWigs logo.

Read More: Packaging

After-sale Care


Please read our ways for washing a full lace human hair wig carefully.

Read More: How To Wash A Human Hair Wig

Restyle & Redye

For a full lace human hair, it can be re-curl and re-straighten by using a curling/flat iron. If you wanna re-dye the wig at home, please order a natural color, no dyed wig. Leave us a message like that "I wanna dye the wig myself, give me a no-dyed, natural colored wig" when you place your order. Because our wig color is dyed deepest into the hair to avoid the fading. It's hard to redye if you wig is not virgin and natural color.

Note: EvaWigs do not take any responsibility for the damage for a second dyeing and restyling. It's better to restyle and redye in the local barbershop.


Learn how to wear a full lace human hair wig correctly, please chick here: How to Put on a Wig


To avoid stretching the cap, never place a wet wig on a mannequin or styrofoam head.

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