What does the program mean?

EvaWigs Hairstylist and Internet Celebrity Cooperation Program doesn't mean we need you to advertise and sell our products, it means you join us to design the hairstyles and wigs.

How does it work?

1. Internet Celebrities and Hairstylists email [email protected] with your YouTube, Instagram or Facebook account for us to review.
2. We will provide you with a wig to do a trial design, and you should provide us with at least one picture to show your design. The picture is very important and decides whether your design will be popular or not.
3. Your design will be featured on your own personalized page on our website.
4. You can share your personal page on your social media page, and send the wig link to your clients to start shopping.
5. We will advertise your design on Facebook and other platforms.
6. You will receive 10% commission from all sales, and you can withdraw each month.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What can I do to boost the sales of my design?

A: (1) A video about how to style and care your design will be very helpful. (2) Share your design link on your social media account.

Q: How does the tracking system work?

A: We have our own tracking system. You can log in your account to track your sales anytime.